Wu Wei Martial Arts

The effortless flowing way of nature


Wu Wei Martial Arts combine various styles of martial art forms with over 2000 years of knowledge to help develop the body in many different ways. Main forms are movements that imitate various actions of animals and nature.

The physical benefits developed from practicing these movements helps to increase strength, flexibility  and coordination while improving the immune, circulatory and nervous system.

Wu Wei Martial Arts training can help anyone regardless of age, background or physical ability to develop self-confidence and self-respect and to defend themselves and train them to avoid confrontations.

Whether you are looking to develop yourself physically, mentally or spiritually. Wu Wei Martials  will

help you design the best program suited for your lifestyle.


               Mission Statement for Wu Wei Martial Arts

          We teach traditional martial arts to foster our student’s physical, mental,and

 spiritual development. We stress self-discipline to promote diligence,    

            self confidence, and self-respect. We prepare our students to defend                    

                           themselves to avoid unnecessary confrontations.